Liz and Gable

Just Liz and Gable
I speak of Gable to my friends as if my husband and I adopted a bouncing baby boy, but the reality is that Gable is 59 years old and requires more love and attention than my never-house-trained Great Dane, Atticus. Gable, named after Clark Gable, is a Chandler & Price platen letterpress machine cast in pure iron and weighs nearly 1200lbs. He’s certainly no bouncing boy- more like a stationary god. I was given Gable as a wedding present from my Husband, who knew more about my love and passion for letterpress than anyone else in this world.

I, on the other hand, am just a girl named Liz.  Just a girl who happens to love paper.  I'm from MD, FL, and NC and currently reside in MA with my Husband and 2 pups.  My taste is somewhat vintage with a dabble of rock and roll, and I love flowers.  Oh boy, do I love flowers.  You'll see them in just about everything I design- and if you don't, its because I had to hide them.  Somewhere...
Liz Gable and Atticus

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